NDLE Recruitment Process 2023: what is the throttled meaning? And How To solve The issue

 NDLEA Recruitment Process 2023: what is the throttled meaning? And How To solve The issue 

The NDLEA Recruitment Portal is Opened but people are experiencing an issue while signing up in the portal.
People are asking for the meaning of throttled in NDLEA Recruitment is that ( the request you made to signed up in the portal is declined)

Why NDLEA throttled my sign up Application?

There's a plug-in use to control the website traffic so that the bandwidth of the website or portal Will not break.

NDLE Recruitment Portal Now Opened: Here's The Guid and the Recruitment For Diploma, NCE and OND Certificate Owners To Apply 

How To Resolve throttled error in NDLEA Recruitment Portal?

As we discussed earlier we have explained reason why NDLEA website is having such an issue and we are bringing the solutions to the issue: since there's allot of traffic and cloudflare is trying to set the number of people so the only way out for any visitors is to :
  • Wait for the cloudflare to give you access
  • Retry after sometime
  • Use different browser like chrome and Phoenix Browser
  • Try it in sometimes like midnight

To Apply here's the official Link to apply for NDLEA Recruitment


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  1. I've been up since 3am, just to sign up but the situation is just the same. Please look into this matter.

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