If You Applied for U-connect Nigeria's Recruitment I Have an Important Good News For you

 If You Applied for U-connect Nigeria's Recruitment I Have an Important Good News For you

If you have applied for U-connect recruitment in the past days you are required to do the following things:

1. Check your email address as they've started sending an aptitude test email to candidates who have successfully shortlisted for the Recruitment

Jobs Opportunity At Agency Of Government Statutorily Charge With Law Enforcement For Law, computer, Engineering, medical Lab and other Related Field

2. Note down your aptitude test Time, password and username.

Check your Spam folder if you do not see the invitation in your mailbox.

Damar Aiki a Hukumar SCIDAR Non Governmental Organization (NGOs)


To have a successful, seamless Assessment Test it is advised that you use a desktop/laptop computer and ensure to follow the instructions below to be adequately prepared for the test:

It is very critical that you secure access to uninterrupted power supply and also that your webcam is be enabled and remains switched on throughout the entire session (2hrs).

Ensure you have a very good/strong and stable internet connection.

Ensure your Privacy & Security tab on your Setting on your desktop/laptop browser enables you to view and download content & cookies from a third-party site.

To do this you can go to the right or left side of your browser, depending on the type of browser you are using and look for Settings.

For Chrome Browser (recommended.

Agajahub publishers wishes you Successful Application thanks for your trust.


I'm M Muhammed Auwal a mobile technologies and technical analyst CEO and publisher at Agajahub

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