List of 12 legit website to earn free Bitcoin Cash tested and trusted by Agajahub publisher - Agajahub publisher

List of 12 legit website to earn free Bitcoin Cash tested and trusted by Agajahub publisher

 Earning Platform using Bitcoin Cash



-> Social media platform that allows to earn Bitcoin Cash by posting quality contents



-> Blogging platform where you can earn Bitcoin Cash tips for writing/publishing articles and comments.



-> Decentralized social network and a portal to blockchain powered by Bitcoin Cash network. All posts are visible to anyone on the BCH blockchain

4. Member.Cash


-> A fully decentralized public platform for discussion and reputation built on Bitcoin Cash.

5. Onlycoins


-> Digital Or Monetizing content that allow creators to sell content, and receive funds directly, and instantly​ from supporters using Bitcoin Cash. It same as an adult platform like onlyfans.

6. Lazyfox


-> Earning task platform where you can receive Bitcoin Cash bounties by solving task.

7. Juungle


-> NFT marketplace for Collectibles/Non Fungible Tokens on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain. Buy, Sell, Auction, Collect or Create digital assets instantly for a very low cost.



-> Monetizing Platform with easiest and most secure way to generate revenue with digital content. You get paid for your content in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Cash integration will add in Second Quarter of 2021



-> Platform provides merchants with a simple way to accept peer-to-peer electronic cash payments and can also generate a new address per invoice. It add a feature where you can monetize your URL using Bitcoin Cash using their URL shortener. Any form of contents like articles, links, videos and content hosted on 3rd party sites.

10. Working for Bitcoins


-> Hire freelancers website. You find work and get paid with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash.



-> Video monetization platform using Bitcoin Cash

12. OpenBazaar


-> A free online marketplace. No platform fees. No restrictions. Earn Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies.

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